9. Oct, 2021

Digital and mental detoxing ...

Looks like a great pumpkin soup with some red chili, all from the own garden. Today and tomorrow the weather will be "golden October" like. Sunny, dry and not so cold. Perfect to get outside and do some gardening work before the winter time is starting. We will have to cut down some young trees, the squirrels are distributing seeds and nuts for their winter stock and we see the results in autumn of the coming year.

Anyway a great way to distract the brain after the last 3 weeks of concentration and pressure for the different events I participated in. Digital and mental detoxing by just taking a short break and doing something totally different to the normal 9 to 5 activities 🤔. And sometimes you just need to let go and stop worrying too much.

For example: The school workshop was on 08-Oct-21 and just 4 days before I could renew the Class Room license for the simpleshow videomaker that I wanted to use during the interactive session to show some A.I. functionality. The Service and Sales agent was giving me a really hard time this year, because only real teachers or students are allowed to use this license package. It was no issue in previous years, but this time he was not happy with my way of proofing I am a teacher - just during the 2.5 hours of the workshop, but this counted for me - and in the end he rejected my request to use the license 👎.

Was not really an issue yesterday, because only 2 of 28 participants wanted to look into the tool. Next time I will use something else and do not have to worry anymore about my teacher status - just relax and see what happens 🤩. Have a great weekend and enjoy the weather ...

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