15. Oct, 2021

Quick recommendation ...

Picture taken from LinkedIn invitation

When you are interested in the topic and want to go beyond the article collection from Jurgen Appelo, participate in the Webinar next week Tuesday. From my experience in the 2 day workshop with Jurgen last week I can say that this is really interesting content and the Webinar will be a good opportunity to look closer into it.

Today I had a big surprise when I got a nice package from the Mind Factory (my keynote speech on 27-Sep-21) organization team. A sketch that was taken from the picture I provided for the program booklet of the event, presented in a photo frame as small gift. In addition a thank you note that mentioned the positive reaction and feedback of the audience about my session. A great way to start the weekend 😎. Have fun ...

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"Belief If You Do Not Believe In Yourself Chances Are That Nobody Else Will Either."
By Unknown Author, taken from 37 FAMOUS BELIEF QUOTES & SAYINGS