16. Oct, 2021

Skills versus attitude ...

Another great Grant Snider picture - Autumn Abecedarian

Sunny and blue sky outside, but autumn cold, as you can see on the picture 🤩.

I mentioned my Mind Factory presentation yesterday and one Simon Sinek quote I used in the slides was - "You Don't Hire For Skills, You Hire For Attitude. You Can Always Teach Skills." Two quick examples to support this statement.

In the last week I was reading the Master Thesis of one of our Interns, as I have to evaluate it and assign a final mark together with the Professor in the end. Like in Agile we had several iterations and did come to a pretty good result in the end. The attitude of the Intern to deliver the best possible result to finish his studies and for the benefit of our company was really great, he was just lacking some thesis writing skills. As You Can Always Teach Skills, he did improve over time with my mentorship 🤔.

Second example is personality tests. I will be hosting a workshop at the end of Oct-21 to find the Team USP (Unique Selling Point) for a department at work. Part of their preparation team building session was the 16-Personalities Test. In order to openly talk about the results I did take the test yesterday as well, my result was CONSUL. Funny enough the same result that I had back in Aug-17, when I did take the test for the 1st time. These kind of tests are more testing for attitude than for skill. Attitude will stay unchanged over time and skill can be adjusted or changed with additional training.

Enjoy the autumn weather 😉.

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