28. Oct, 2021

Being yourself ...

The quote mug - "The measure of intelligence is the ability to change." -- Albert Einstein, seen on ShotDead for example

Close to 692k overall readers 👍😎. Well on the way to the next big milestone at #750k readers and even for my next year target, to reach #1,000k by 30-Apr-22 or before 🤔. I am counting on you guys.

Yesterday was all about being authentic. During a farewell lunch I met somebody, who did see by keynote speech about "Views of a Babyboomer" during the Mind Factory event on 27-Sep-21. He was very positive about my content, the personal perspective and insights, and my authentic way to present the topic. Unexpected feedback is the best, especially when it is positive ...

Then I got some helpful hints from a leaving colleague mentioning the authentic approach I am taking. Great to hear that.

Finally a colleague who I met for the first time in person after being on the project for several month already. "You are as relaxed in person as you are on the screen", another sign and appreciation for being myself in all I do. So a really great day.

Tomorrow will be the Team USP workshop. I have done the workshop for 200+ individuals already, this will be the 1st time in a team setup, to work on a Team Unique Selling Point. Looking forward to it, will definitely be a learning experience, also for me 😉.

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