29. Oct, 2021

Authentic and perfect?

Picture by INCIDENTAL COMICS and Grant Snider - Perfectionism

Just a quick side note to the post from yesterday. Being authentic is great with two restrictions. For yourself it could be sometimes difficult to be consistent in all situations. For others around you it might be hard to handle your way of reacting. Both sides have to get used to it sooner or later 🤔.

Next is the level of perfectionism that is required. One guidance could be the 80-20 RULE  or Pareto principle. The other one the Sheryl Sandberg quote “Done is Better Than Perfect". Do not waste 80% of your efforts to make the last 20% nicer than necessary!!

Have a great weekend. 01-Nov-21 is a bank holiday in my region of Germany, so it will be a long one 👍🙃.

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