31. Oct, 2021

The week 43-2021 highlights ...

Picture taken from The Most Popular Halloween Costumes of 2021 by Visual Capitalist

Happy Halloween to everybody who is celebrating it today, the alternative might be Reformation Day. Had a great time last week including the successful USP workshop on Friday and I am looking forward to a 4 day working week, as 01-Nov-21 is a bank holiday here in my region. The last bank holiday before Christmas, what is not so far away anymore 🤔.

If everything goes great, we might be reaching #700k overall readers in the next 7 days, what a large number 👍.

Under the shower this morning I came up with the main topic for today. A combination of the Unique Selling Point idea and the price difference between real meat and meat replacement products. In a supermarket brochure my wife has seen that the 1kg price of a meat replacement product was shown with 25€, what is comparable to a lot of beef products. Keeping in mind that some of the meat substitutes are used as cattle feed, the price building seems to be really out of balance. The cow plus the land, the grass, the additional feed, the water, medicine, transport, handling, and etc. in total comes to a similar price as directly using the meat substitutes and making a product out of it?? For sure there are still differences between the product quantities of meat versus none-meat, but there are other topics to be taken into account, the carbon footprint along the production process is just one.

  • The carbon footprint of foods: are differences explained by the impacts of methane?
  • 12 Plant-Based Meat Substitutes Everyone Needs to Know

As one of my daughters is a vegetarian, we have tried some of the 12 listed alternatives already. Not everything is great as far as I see it, but the good thing is that you have a lot of different tasting choices. And you do something for your personal carbon footprint, what should be counting a lot!!

  • UN Climate Change Conference UK 2021 - COP26
  • World Climate Summit
  • Our World in Data: Environmental impacts of food production
  • Measuring progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals

“Your selling point is that unique quality like integrity,teachability, honesty, humility, skill, sagacity, love, self-confidence, vision, compassion and kindness which distinguishes you among your contemporaries.” ― Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha

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