1. Nov, 2021

Feeling good as manager ...

Picture taken today to support my Feel Good Manager (Definition) post ...

When I have seen the shower gel of my wife this morning I did remember a situation that I had during The Versatile  Organization Workshop on 05/06-Oct-21. A colleague who I have not seen for more than a year due to the COVID-19 situation was surprised about the activities I did lately (e.g. moderation, organizing workshops, coaching/mentoring of colleagues and hosting workshops besides my program management work).

She said "Interesting to see, how many different things you are doing since you started in our department as project manager more than 12 month ago". I answered "I am just working for fun and to feel good in the meantime on top of my project assignments". Not 100% aligned with the Feel Good Manager definition, but perfectly fine for me 🤔👍. Great when you reached a status or age, where career growth is not the driving factor anymore. It is more the appreciation and acceptance of your colleagues that counts and that can also be much more worth than another career jump? It is up to you ...

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