5. Nov, 2021

About Emotions ...

Picture taken from MHS Talent Development Solutions, more content at 17 Emotional Intelligence Tests and Assessments - have fun

I have been to a concert with my wife yesterday, the first time since COVID-19 started. The "2G" rule (only vaccinated or recovered people get access) was applied. The location was full with spectators, no distance required and no face mask at the seat.

The concert was the opening of the 42nd Leverkusener Jazz Days, with Marialy Pacheco & Max Mutzke. Both had already been invited one year before, but due to COVID-19 they had to perform in front of an empty hall, only with a camera team for streaming. Here a link to a video to see them both in action together.

The moment they came on stage yesterday was really emotional for them, the first time in front of an audience after a very long time, it was the same for us sitting there watching 🤔👍. One of the songs was called „Gute Geschichten“, about story telling:

We humans are the only beings
Who understand stories at all
Then let's take the job
And just tell the good ones
To reach out to each other, to see the beauty too
Try to understand
An attempt is no more than a search for more
Let's go in the same direction
We'll draw par new pages
Throw out all the old notes ...

Great song and great message, it was a really perfect and emotional evening 🤩. Have a nice weekend.

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“Gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions. The more you express gratitude for what you have, the more likely you will have even more to express gratitude for.” -- Zig Ziglar, taken from 100+ Top Emotions Quotes And Sayings | Feeling Quotes