6. Nov, 2021

Some thoughts ...

Picture provided by Grant Snider for Incidental Comics

Just 90 minutes ago we did pass the #700,000 overall reader milestone. Between #500k (18-Mar-21) and #600k (14-Jul-21) it took 4 month, the same time was required for the next 100k 👍🤔. Thanks a lot to you for being a one-time, several-time or every-time reader. In order to reach my stretch goal - #1,000k by 30-Apr-22 - we have to speed up the average number of readers per day and week a little bit!! Thanks in advance for taking care.

Two topics to think about for our new communication strategy at work. A new LOGO with a better fit to our changed approach - more story-telling and content adjusted to the different needs of 5 generations in the work place. Besides our communication team efforts we might want to ask our teams to make different proposals that can be voted on in some weeks from now. A good way to improve employee engagement and the support for the future LOGO.

The other focus area is the story line for the next Data & Analytics Meetup. As BigData, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning was on the wishlist of topics for the future, this could be a good starting point. Combining these with Women in Data & Analytics and BigData, in relation with the existing women data gaps in available statistics and machine learning strategies, as mentioned by Caroline Criado Perez in her book Invisible Women for example. More to be discussed ...

“The result of this deeply male-dominated culture is that the male experience, the male perspective, has come to be seen as universal, while the female experience--that of half the global population, after all--is seen as, well, niche.” ― Caroline Criado-Pérez quotes