11. Nov, 2021

Different Styles, Different Value ...

Picture taken from Rebels at WorkIt Takes Every Kind of Rebel

Just in case you might be interested in more details about the Rebels, check the video of Carmen Medina - Survival Heuristics: My Favorite Techniques for Avoiding Intelligence Traps - as example. Carmen did work 32 years for the CIA, what a surprise 😎.

Different Styles and Value, but a lot of people have an issue with their personal time management. And this did get worse during the COVID-19 restriction and homeoffice periods. There is for sure an endless number of ideas and solutions how to overcome this. Here just one example that was offered to me today - How to Effectively Manage Your Time While Working Remotely - a good list of hints and easy to use tools 🤔.

Surprisingly enough (or maybe not depending on your style) Christmas 2021 is coming closer. Just today I had to summarize our 1st Data & Analytics Meetup in a 10 second video for our 2021 accomplishments summary that will be shown in Dec-21. How do you summarize several month of preparation work and a 150+ minute show in 10 seconds?

As said yesterday "The majority can do complex, complicated and on too many pages. Keeping it simple, easy and short, but still understandable, is the real challenge and requires a lot of expertise and motivation." I do not want to sound arrogant, but I managed to do a 12 second video, what was still inside the allowed threshold 👍. Luckily enough I had to do some summaries of the event before, what was really helpful to do the very short extract today.

  • Jurgen Appelo: How to Fix Your Failed Agile Transformation at Stretch Conference 2020
  • TED Playlist: Talks to inspire you to go to bed and get a good night's sleep
  • Saying Bye to Facebook: Why Companies Change Their Name
  • Long Waves: The History of Innovation Cycles
  • How Business Leaders Are Polishing Soft Skills to Navigate the Great Reshuffle

P.S.: Thanks a lot for taking my request from 06-Nov-21 serious, number of daily readers did increase. Very much appreciated and please keep going 😉👍.