12. Nov, 2021

Overcoming barriers ...

Picture seen on LinkedIn, more details about Rikki Rogers

In the last seven days we did reach a new record for readers in one week - 8,967 - what an incredible number and 500 readers more than the last record!! 👍👍

In the mindset of overcoming barriers and setting stretch goals, let's target to beat the 10k reader per week mark 😎. Start point is 707,222 on the counter right now at 05:55 PM CET (German time). We will check next week Friday same time, if we could beat 👍717,222👍. Are you with me? I am pretty sure. If you manage to take a screenshot of the counter before we close the challenge next week and you are above the target, you will win a very special price 🤩. Is this a motivation? We will see ...

If you are preparing Thanksgiving 2021 on 25-Nov-21 you might be interested in the Thanksgiving Reader (free download). If you are not celebrating it the Reader might still be an interesting document and cultural insight to check out?

"You never know how strong you are, until being strong is your only choice." -- Bob Marley, taken from Top 25 Strength quotes

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