14. Nov, 2021

The week 45-2021 highlights

Pictures provided by Teachergoals on LinkedIn

I was not good enough when I did play a card game tonight with my wife and two daughters. In the beginning I was far ahead, but in the end the final step to finish first was missing. Bad luck or timing, who cares. I am pretty relaxed in the meantime, this was not the case when I was younger than 10. My mother was always fearing that I loose a game and lock myself in the bathroom afterwards. One benefit of getting older, today I just enjoy the game with the family 🤩.

I was much better with the new weekly reader record. In the mindset of overcoming barriers and setting stretch goals, let's target to beat the 10k reader per week mark 😎. Start point was 707,222 on the counter last Friday at 05:55 PM CET (German time). We will check next week Friday same time, if we could beat 👍717,222👍. Are you with me? I am pretty sure. If you manage to take a screenshot of the counter before we close the challenge next week and you are above the target, you will win a very special price 🤩. Is this a motivation? We will see ... 

Over the weekend I did work on the Family 2022 Calendar, will be a Christmas present. A nice way to review the year by just looking at the photos you had taken in the past months, and a very personal gift by sharing some insights of the year behind you. We are doing something similar at work, summarizing the key events of last year in 10 - 12 second videos and making a full story out of it. Not much time left.

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