17. Nov, 2021

Investigation of STEAM concepts ...

Picture taken from LEGO Education: Build to Launch

STEAM is Arts Integration with Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. "In collaboration with NASA and the Artemis I Mission. Join the all new LEGO® Space Team and their Artemis I team counterparts for a 10-week interactive digital learning adventure."

Just in case you are interested in a LEGO independent view on this topic, see "Lego Education will send astronaut minifigures to the moon with NASA's Artemis 1 mission" for example. In summary a really great idea and hands-on approach to get young kids connected to the world of STEAM.

"The only time I ever enjoyed ironing was the day I accidentally got gin in the steam iron." --Phyllis Diller, small word joke 😎.

For our (possibly only mine, but I cannot really influence the outcome) 1 week stretch goal to reach 10k readers for the 1st time, there are still 7k to go. I will stay positive 🤩.

Winter is coming and the Germany COVID-19 numbers are getting really worse again and it is not a deja vue, it is reality 🤔. Some tough decisions are required and the people finally need to understand the urgency of the situation. A really difficult situation for the new government out of three parties that are still finalizing their Coalition agreement, target date is early Dec-21. Nearly 3 more weeks to wait. The old one is still acting until then, and in parts already behaving like the future opposition. Makes it even more foggy!! 👎

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