23. Nov, 2021

User story ...

Picture seen on LinkedIn today. I could not find the source, as a text, signature and image search did not go anywhere, sorry for that.

The picture did remind me about my 20-May-21 BLOG post, where I connected Agile Mindset and Motherhood. Great to have my work-in-progress eBOOK for 2021 available, I use it as backup and to look something up once in a while. 351 pages on 19-Nov-21 so far.

I did cover a similar topic with a colleague today. With less women in the management team there is more and longer discussion. We are missing the opportunity for a wider agile mindset, what seems to be more common in the behavioral pattern of the female community. Make use of it!!

Besides that a list of interesting videos that I did review today:

  • How to use Community Design to Build a Successful Online Community
  • Simon Sinek: How to start a cultural transformation?
  • Simon Sinek Performance vs Trust
  • A Critical Conversation With Anders Indset

Anders Indset will be the keynote speaker at the KPMG Zukunftsgipfel (only in German) on 09-Dec-21.

  • What Becoming a Parent Really Does to Your Happiness
  • Mastering the connection between strategy and culture
  • 8 Ways Body Language Beats IQ
  • Candidates Are Judging Your Video Background: Here’s What They’re Thinking and What You Can Do About It

"Body language is a very powerful tool. We had body language before we had speech, and apparently, 80% of what you understand in a conversation is read through the body, not the words." -- Deborah Bull, British - Dancer Born: March 22, 1963, taken from Top 10 Body Language Quotes