26. Nov, 2021

I've got an idea!

Picture taken from The Improvement Paradox – Too Busy To Improve? referencing HÅKAN FORSS with this Creative Commons license

First you have to find an idea and then you need an audience that is open to check it out.

After the successful Team USP workshop I did start to prepare a 2nd Part. Building upon the results of the 1st workshop, it will proceed to further establish the Team USP and end in a draft Elevator Pitch, hopefully. My concept is still in the early stages and there is a lot of room to add more helpful ideas for team development.

Besides that enjoy your long Thanksgiving weekend or the First Advent on Sunday or both or neither of the two:

  • 24 Cognitive Biases That Are Warping Your Perception of Reality
  • 50 Cognitive Biases in the Modern World
  • Critical Thinking vs Analytical Thinking vs Creative Thinking

"Progress is more important than perfection." -- Simon Sinek