4. Dec, 2021

About trust ...

Picture provided by Tanmay Vora - Signs of a High-Trust  Environment

As the weekend will be rainy and cold, some interesting material to fill spare time:

  • What is a ‘Human Library’ and how can it help with diversity and inclusion?
  • Scientists in Iceland are turning carbon dioxide into rock
  • Why You Should Build a “Career Portfolio” (Not a “Career Path”)
  • 10 Books That Are Basically a User’s Manual for Your Brain
  • When Autonomy Helps Team Performance — and When It Doesn’t
  • TED Playlist: An essential guide to start-up success
  • The rise and rise of the global balance sheet: How productively are we using our wealth?
  • The CIO agenda for the next 12 months: Six make-or-break priorities
  • The future of air mobility: Electric aircraft and flying taxis