7. Dec, 2021

Diverse perspectives ...

Picture taken from #ZusammenGegenCorona on LinkedIn also related to https://www.zusammengegencorona.de/en  and #togetherweimpf

150+ Brands and Companies have agreed in the last 7 days to adjust their Logos and Advertisements, to motivate people for a COVID-19 vaccination supported by professional marketing. Some really good examples on the left 😎.

Vaccination Yes/No is still a diverse topic in Germany. As of today 77.6% of the people who could be vaccinated are fully done, 19% are without vaccination. Still some way to go, discussions to be held and doubters need to be convinced.

Another very diverse topic is SAFe versus Scrum. Some say, if your Scrum project is getting too large you better use the SAFe framework as one possible solution. Others say, if your Scrum project is too large, make it smaller and simpler. Both have a point, one way to see it in this article - SAFe, get real with Scrum or get out!

"There are so many people in the world with so many different perspectives. But ultimately, at the heart of it, they're people." -- Dave Sitek, American - Musician Born: September 6, 1972

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