9. Dec, 2021

Annual Review ...

Picture provided by INCIDENTAL COMICS and Grant Snider

In the department Town-Hall meeting we had our annual review today. All teams had been asked to summarize their work in not more than 3 minutes. 12 month into 3 minutes, sounds not a lot, but is longer than expected. Most teams decided to solve this challenge with a video, three had alternative ideas. In summary a really great review and good to remember, how much good work had been done in 2021 under sometimes really difficult circumstances, thanks to COVID-19 and the home-office situation.

I personally liked the diversity in approaching this 3 minute summary. Very often you could guess the team lead from the result that was shown. Individuals influence solutions 😎. One team was really agile and purely self-organized, also with a great result and no team lead 👍.

If you want to do your personal annual review and already start to work on a 2022 planning, see this as one idea:

Besides that we agreed the USP Team Workshop Part II date today, will be in Jan-22. In the Online Christmas event we did play several online games yesterday evening. Here three I can recommend (have fun):

Have a great rest of your day:

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