4. Jan, 2022

Early 2022 celebration ...

The most extroverted player Peter Wright did play the best darts and did win the 2nd time the Dart World Championship title yesterday, congratulations !! See some hair and trouser styles:

Microsoft had a much worse start into 2022 that surprisingly started on 01-Jan-22 :-)
- Microsoft Exchange year 2022 bug in FIP-FS breaks email delivery -- https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/microsoft/microsoft-exchange-year-2022-bug-in-fip-fs-breaks-email-delivery/

Seven imperatives for moving beyond digital

CES 2022 -- https://news.youexec.com/briefs/what-to-look-forward-to-from-ces-2022-metaverse-self-driving-and-smarter-devices

Start, Stop, Continue: 5 Action Items for Creating a Business Strategy Plan