8. Jan, 2022

Two FAILS into the 2022 JAR ...

Picture initially coming from Teachers Pay Teachers

As mentioned on 03-Jan-22 my "successes" and "fuck-ups" will go into the 2022 JAR 😎. Today I had the opportunity to put two FAIL notes into the JAR at the same time 👍.

The first one is related to being too nice and not clear enough with a NO. As mentioned I had the discussion with the Online Learning Platform this week and was pretty sure after the phone call already that I do not need this environment in my current situation. But I did agree to listen into a presentation about the platform by a senior manager Friday evening. On short notice I decided to skip it and had a reminder email the next morning that I should select another presentation for the one I missed. Today I was really clear that the platform should put their future marketing effort into other customers, to avoid wasting our time, hopefully this NO was clear enough?

The other FAIL was even more work intensive. On my private laptop I am using Linux Mint as the main operating system and work environment. Yesterday the upgrade to version 20.3 became available. You can always do a clean install or install the upgrade above the running system. The clean install is recommended, because advanced users have much more possibilities to make changes to their operating system (open source) than on Microsoft Windows. Before the upgrade you get a lot of information about the new functionality, the potential risks of the upgrade versus the clean install and that it is your responsibility and decision, what to do in the end 🤔. The last 3 - 4 upgrades did run smoothly, so I decided to go this route again, my FAIL. In the end I could not start the environment anymore, but still had access to my data.

As a clean install has the benefit of a clear focus on the absolute minimum functionality, this is what I did in the end. The ~30 minute upgrade did take more than 3 hours including backup/restore of my personal data and downloading the 2+ GB installation file, BUT now everything is fresh, clean and small. My learning is clear --> the more often you reinstall, the faster it goes. Less data and applications with a well structured reinstallation process is the higher quality approach and saves time in the end 😎, if you believe it or not.

A FAIL or Fuck-up only stays like this as long as you do not learn anything out of it.

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