9. Jan, 2022

The week 01-2022 highlights

Besides the references on the picture the link to the LinkedIn articles: Left picture and right picture.

Going back to work tomorrow after a 3 weeks break. Time is running quickly. It was a great and relaxing time, no New Year resolutions, but the #Rest22in22 idea and the success/fail JAR. Will be sufficient for now 👍😎.

One good achievement were the 6 parts about the Symbiosis topic. Starting with the biology definition: the relationship between two different kinds of living things that live together and depend on each other - I covered the most obvious ones:

  • Animals, flora and fauna
  • Solar and wildlife
  • Cork as connection between nature and technology
  • A forrest - Reforestation and Deforestation
  • Eco Friendly Pest Control Alternatives  and
  • Natural enemies of animals, to avoid using pesticides

and less obvious ones:

  • Marvel's Peter Parker well known as Spider-Man
  • Working from home during COVID-19 - a new work-life symbiosis
  • The Nissan lunar rover prototype
  • Bringing diversity in e.g. culture, country, language, age, gender, education (maybe study yes/no) into the company
  • A Symbiosis with one or several books
  • Teaching geometry by using crocheted hyperbolic planes

As you can see/read, I covered a wide variety of topics and examples. Just in case you did not had the chance to follow by Symbiosis series so far, here the links again, all in one place:

I wish you a great start into an interesting and surprising 2022, just in case you are going back to work tomorrow as well 🤔:

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