11. Jan, 2022

Mixed environments ...

Picture taken from Comic Agile#85 – Conway’s Law

The good thing is you can directly go to the Comic Agile website and search for any kind of topic related to the "secret" world of AGILE 🤔. The more old-school and haptical approach is to get their 1st book and turn every page until you find, what you are looking for. Both approaches still have their justification.

I found #85 and #58 – Agile Island today, both fit well to the agile transformation we are in today. On the one side the old organization and management are still in place, on the other side the new organization and agile ways of working are building up slowly. Conflicts in a mixed environment are to be expected and happening. Conway's law might also impact an agile reorganization, management in position will not be happy to change and loose responsibility.

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