14. Jan, 2022

Celebration day again !!

Picture taken from Explaining Software Development Methods By Flying to Mars [Comic]

In my every Friday - Weekly mail from SimpleSite.com - I could read the following today: "Last week the webpages and photo albums on your website were viewed 9,001 times in total." What a great achievement, the first time ever to have a "9" in front of the 4-digit number 🤩👍. This weekly amount did also increase the 5 weeks average of weekly readers even further, now to 6,783

Thanks once again to every one-, some-, several-, and any-time reader of my BLOG. Very much appreciated and one additional success note into my 2022 JAR 👍.

I used the picture on the left in my 5-minute learning posts on our company department page, to have a funny start into the weekend. Comic Agilé did post a similar comic on LinkedIn today.

Enjoy your weekend 🤔: 

  • Tanmay Vora: Nine Roles of Great Leadership
  • From Blowing Down Doors to Healing Minds and Bodies: A Navy SEAL’s Journey to Mindfulness

"Authenticity is more than speaking. Authenticity is also about doing. Every decision we make says something about who we are." -- Simon Sinek