16. Jan, 2022

My week 02-2022 summary

Sketchnote by Amelia Crabtree related to a book from  Amy Edmondson.

Looking for an alternative sketchnote? See Conversations That Build Psychological Safety by Tanmay Vora 👍.

Had a great 1st week after the holiday break. Besides the 9k weekly readers of my blog I was asked to take a new role in one of our major projects. Starting next week I will be preparing myself to be the Release Train Engineer (RTE), in easy words the Scrum Master above all Scrum Masters in this project. RTEs are Servant Leaders and Coaches, what perfectly fits to where I see my strength in the moment and how I see the future of leadership in agile organizations anyway. Two success notes into the 2022 JAR 😎.

A funny experience was sending two books to a friend of mine. One was for information purposes and the other one a present for his birthday next week. I did send the books by German Mail on 06-Jan-22 and did ask several days later, if they did arrive already. No delivery until last Friday.

On Friday I raised an online request for investigation with the German Mail, to find out what happened with the book letter. First it was difficult to find the right page and then it should take 30+ days until you get any feedback.

Fun fact in between. The wife of my friend did receive the book letter and did hide it, as she was already assuming that it contained a birthday present. What would we do without our wifes 🤔👍.

It was even more difficult to tell the German Mail that the investigation was not required anymore, as you could not easily reply to the information email and a phone contact number was not easy to find either. When I finally managed to get a number and had somebody on the phone, there was no reference possible to my initial request. I could just tell them to stop their investigation, but they did not understand which one 🙃. Service orientation going bad ...

Next week Friday I will host the 2nd part of my Team USP workshop. If all goes fine, I can reuse the concept for other teams as well. Requests are already waiting in the pipeline. One for our sustainability team and the other one for our Future Talent development program. Looking forward to it. Have fun and enjoy the coming week, have to leave for the ballroom dancing training. After a booster vaccination you do not need to show an additional COVID-19 test anymore, rules are changing weekly in the moment.