21. Jan, 2022

Many reasons to smile ...

I could not find the source of the picture that I have seen on LinkedIn today. The quote does not have a known owner.

Besides starting the weekend today there are much more reasons to smile. I had nearly 8k readers this week after the 9k last week, really a great level of interest that makes me happy 🤩.

During the week I did get another proof that my approach for long-term investment in people is the right way to go. I am sometimes coaching colleagues, to give them a helping hand and share some of my experience and expertise with them. Asking surprising and open questions is a good way to enable clarity. “Asking questions keeps people engaged, which is paramount when you are trying to influence someone’s thinking or behavior.” My help is for free and I do not expect anything in return. I do not try to influence, just show options and opportunities. Helping people and seeing them grow is enough motivation for me. When you get something in return after a longer period of time, it is a very special appreciation - a reason for a smile 😀.

Another smile was for the Team USP Part II Workshop today. In contrast to the first workshop that we could still do together in one room at our Campus, we had to do the workshop online today with 6 people. Online means some restrictions and reduces your training environment to a 2-dimensional screen, but we are in 2022 and there are endless number of tools that can help. I used a Random Picture Generator for example, to trigger the brains of the participants and to improve their creativity and innovation capabilities. After a short warm-up period it did go really well and led to a great result. In the end I did get a 4.8/5 rating, what is really great in Germany, where we never give the full points 🤔. Do you see me smiling?

"Every girl in this world should always keep in her mind and brain that the best make up for her would just be her original and real smile and after that or beyond that she would never need anything else to put on her." -- Marilyn Monroe, taken from 81+ Smile Quotes By World Famous Personalities

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"Dont worry about the future, sooner or later its the past. If they say the feelings gone then its time to take it back." -- Meat Loaf, taken from 57 famous quotes - died yesterday age 74