23. Jan, 2022

The week 03-2022 highlights

Picture found on Dreamstime

Closing down the week of smile šŸ¤© topics. 

Another fun week with a lot of positive activities and opportunities. One workshop was finished on Friday and two more are already planned for Mar-22. The company talent program did ask me to support their initiative with two workshops. The USP  (Unique Selling Point) one for individuals and the Elevator Pitch one as follow up 2 weeks later.

Just a quick break for the dinner. We had no motivation for cooking so we ordered some nice burger. All organic and even vegetarian, if required. Just lately they are offering a deposit system for the required packaging. Going green ...

2 weeks and 2 days left before my 1st main task as new Release Train Engineer is coming up, the next PI planning. There are still a lot of preparation and learning tasks to be done, but I am looking forward to it. A new challenge that will broaden my agile experience and expertise.

Next Saturday is the 3rd anniversary of reaching 100,000 overall readers in my BLOG for the 1st time. Great to remember, when you are at 776k overall readers in the meantime.  

"Always keep in your mind that you will always find your life a worthwhile one, just if you keep a beautiful smile on your face every time." -- Charlie Chaplin

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