26. Jan, 2022

Never make a permanent decision based on a temporary emotion

Picture taken from Over the Fence, you can download the manifesto in your language ...

People tend to “think fast”*. This can lead to undesirable effects. The items on the left side facilitate “slow thinking”. They improve the quality of the right side and should therefore be applied consciously and intensively. Apply the items on the left side one time more than your intuition tells you to!

The headline today was used in an article about Tom Brady - Reporters Asked Tom Brady If He's Retiring. His Response Is a Lesson in Emotional Intelligence - does fit well to the Manifesto 😎, what do you think?

And one more - How to Make Servant Leadership More Sustainable by Balancing Self & Others - works well with Brady's role in the team, the manifesto and my new assignment as Release Train Engineer (RTE). These are the days, when all topics and content I planned to share fit perfectly together and it even gets better during writing 🤔. Just my subjective view.

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