28. Jan, 2022

About learning ...

Picture taken from Our World in Data - COVID-19 Data Explorer

They are offering an easy to learn dataset and user interface that you can configure to your needs and interest.

During the past week I did enjoy different learning experiences around the Agile topic and artificial intelligence. Some examples of findings below:

  • A visual introduction to machine learning
  • Visual Storytelling That Celebrates Humanity
  • The Power of Scrum - Legendado 😉

I use my learning among other things to share several interesting articles, pictures, infograhics or quotes on the "5-minute learning" office page every day, but I am not done with learning yet. Lifelong learning will never finish 👍🤔. 

One more article related to artificial intelligence - Elon Musk says it’s more important for Tesla to make a robot than new car models this year - this guy never stops. He seems to have much more than 24 hours in one day and always looks far beyond his current status quo and accomplishments.

  • Pick Up Some Yards on 1st Down
  • Superstore rooftops are ideal for solar farms, report finds
  • 3 ways autonomous farming is driving a new era of agriculture
  • The Science of Happiness: Why Impact and Authenticity Are Key to Inspiring Your People
  • A Global Risk Assessment of 2022 and Beyond
  • Which Global Risks Have Worsened During the Pandemic?