29. Jan, 2022

Celebrating an anniversary ...

Picture provided by Pixabay

Just three years ago I did pass the #100,000 overall reader milestone for the first time. Here the link to my post back then - Finally reaching the 6-digit milestone ...

Three years are running by pretty quickly, especially when you have 2 years dominated by COVID-19 in between.

“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.” -- Oprah Winfrey, taken from 77 Best Celebration Quotes For Every Occasion

Below two reminders for 29-Jan-2019:

  • Looking 3 years back:
    • What Happened on January 29, 2019
    • 29 January 2019: Top 25 Facts You Need To Know ...
    • January 29, 2019 Date in History: News, Social Media & Day ...
  • Comparing the 2019 and 2022 numbers:
    • 2019: I started the BLOG on 04-Jul-2016 and it took 939 days to reach the #100k milestone
    • 2019: On average the BLOG had 106 readers per day now (100k/939)
    • 2019: All posts together in one file were nearly 700 pages back then
    • 2022: I started the BLOG on 04-Jul-2016 and it took 2,035 days to reach the milestone today (#782k)
    • 2022: On average the BLOG has 384 readers per day now (measured from the 1st day onwards)
    • 2022: All posts together in one file are nearly 1,892 pages in the meantime

 I will celebrate today and put one more success note into my 2022 JAR 👍🤩!!