30. Jan, 2022

My week 04-2022 summary

Picture provided by European Leadership on LinkedIn today

Rafael was 0:2 down in the Australian Open Tennis Final, came back and did win after more than 5 hours today. Now he is the first in history to ever win 21 Grand Slam finals.

Another GOAT (Greatest of all Times) Tom Brady is still in the process to decide his next step. There are a lot of rumors that he will be retiring, but his final confirmation seems to stand out. Possibly some days or weeks left, we will have to wait.

During the week we had our bi-weekly meeting of all Interns in our department. One Intern will be finishing his time with us tomorrow and did deliver his Master Thesis last Tuesday. So he is ready for his first job now, but does not really know, what to do. He is interested in Consulting, but 4 days traveling every week is not really a promising future. I mentioned that due to COVID-19 most Consulting companies are not traveling anymore as the customers are not allowing access to their sites. In the meantime Consulting is mainly home-office as well, what might make it much more attractive. One of our former Interns did start in a Consulting company 5 month ago and I did bring both together last week. The one is looking for good talents, the other one can learn something about the status quo.

Next week I will be two days at the company Campus, one Intern is leaving tomorrow, another one is starting on Tuesday. Besides that I will proceed preparing myself for my new RTE role, 8 days to go before the PI planning (09 - 11-Feb-22) is starting, the biggest event in the coming 3 month.  Have a great next week ...

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