9. Feb, 2022

Gender stereotyping ...

Picture provided by Center for Creative Leadership, more content in Overcoming Barriers to Women’s Leadership and Unlocking the Power of Diversity

"Many young women come to me saying they don’t have the confidence. Even though they’ve got the right skills, the right experience, and are capable. And yet, the one thing that’s hindering them or stopping them is their lack of confidence." -- A female leader

Interesting how different sources are fitting together and build a full picture 🤔.

I did find the Gender Data Gap video from Tova Leigh today, what supports the picture on the left and fits perfectly to my 12-Oct-2021 Blog post - The vicious data circle ... - still a long way to go.

Day-1 of the PI planning did go really well, some hectic in the morning due to a short notice change, but later on all went fine. Great teams, fully motivated and eager to be successful. 2 days to go, looking forward to the progress and final result.

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