15. Feb, 2022

Close to #800k overall readers

This is the picture I used in my 1st BLOG post (see bottom of the page) on 04-Jul-2016

170 readers left to reach the #800k overall reader count. I used this opportunity to read the 1st post again.

"I am 50+ and start a regular blog now. Let's see how this goes, as this is not my day-to-day technology and regular writing not a familiar area for me so far. But it is never to late to start something completely new and it will be a great learning experience for me and to share this with others in a similar situation? ... To be very clear at the end of this introduction. I am doing this for me and not for money."

5 years and 7 month later I am close to #800,000 overall readers, what an unbelievable number that was never a target or planned, BUT really nice to see and a great appreciation of my passion in the meantime 👍🤔. Thanks a lot for supporting me.

Looking forward to passing #800k shortly, then the next milestone at #888,888 and finally the large goal for 2022, to see the 1st time a 7-digit number on the counter, hopefully the system is able to show it 😎.

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