16. Feb, 2022

Take time to celebrate ...

In front of my 2022 "successes and failsJAR, filled with a lot of notes in the meantime, you can see my Valentine's Day present a crocheted little bear 👍.

A lot of people tend to focus on fails/mistakes and how to overcome them only, instead of shortly celebrating any success. Just hold for some seconds, have a smile and go on 🤩. Since I mentioned yesterday that only 170 readers are missing to reach #800k overall readers, I had another 1,620 readers added on the counter 👍 - holding on - smile - go on. Cool stuff ...

Tomorrow is the next whole company #SPIRIT Day, for learning and development of everybody. I will use the day to prepare our team workshop that will be happening next week Tuesday/Wednesday for 2 hours in the morning and afternoon each day. 8 hours in total for team building, learning, sharing information, brainstorming and having some fun. We had to change the planning from offsite to online, as the COVID-19 situation did not improve fast enough. Just today the government decided to stop all protection measures by 20-Mar-22, the Germany "Freedom Day".

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"The opportunity for creativity begins the moment we don't know what we're doing." -- Simon Sinek