18. Feb, 2022

More time to celebrate ...

Picture taken from Danielle Doucette

What a great week, after the "Close to #800k overall readers" post on Tuesday a lot of traffic happened on my BLOG. #806k just now after 3 days 👍, this traffic did lead to two new records. For weekly readers as well as the 5 weeks average readers!! MAGIC. Thanks a lot!! 🤩

The #SPIRIT Day yesterday offered a lot of time to prepare the team workshop for next week. Translating the agenda into real slides and finding a good balance between content, team building and break-out sessions, was a good learning experience. I could reuse some of my other workshop slides, but had some new content to generate also. Especially the 16Personalities topic that will be part of Day 1 needed a lot of detailed work, understanding and investigation, to select the right information for the audience, why we want to do this on a team level and, what the benefits could be. As there was a lot of discussion during the collection of the personality types already, it will be interesting to see the reaction, when details are shared. 

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“If they don’t give you a seat at the table, bring a folding chair” -- Shirley Chisholm