20. Feb, 2022

The week 07-2022 highlights ...

Picture taken today at the THE FRAGILE PARADISE exhibition.

During our family event today we did visit the Gasometer in Oberhausen. "THE FRAGILE PARADISE - The first exhibition  after the renovation of the gasometer shows from October 1st 2021 the beauty of nature and the influence of humans on their environment. “The fragile paradise” takes visitors on a visually stunning journey through the turbulent climate history of our earth and shows in impressive, award-winning photographs and videos how the flora and fauna changed during the Anthropocene."

Really great pictures, showing the beauty of the earth on the one side and the influence of humankind on it on the other side. Fun fact is that the exhibition is shown in the Gasometer, an industrial monument that was decommissioned about twenty years ago.

Next week will be the team workshop Tuesday / Wednesday and starting Thursday I will be on holiday for some days during the Carnival period. Due to the COVID-19 situation Cologne has a very special solution for the parade on Monday 28-Feb-22 this year, the soccer stadium.

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