22. Feb, 2022

Changes over time ...

Picture provided by TeacherGoals on LinkedIn

1st day of the team workshop did go really well. Good content, great outcome in the breakout sessions and even some fun and surprising tasks 😎. As we are a very diverse team with respect to gender, culture, origin and age - changes over time - have been a discussion point as well.

One topic was a dial phone from the last millennium and who could remember using it several 10 years ago? During my studies I still used one as well, a 2 meter long cable fixed to the wall was standard, a 5 meter cable had to be paid extra 🤔.

At the end of the workshop the participants did get a homework that has to be prepared until tomorrow morning. This task did trigger a lot of memory of their past or youth. Many people did remember their former strategies, how to either make or get the homework in time for the delivery date. Nothing changed here over time, really funny 🙃.

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