23. Feb, 2022

Beyond the comfort zone ...

Another picture from the Gasometer exhibition THE FRAGILE  PARADISE

When the monkey started to test the under water capabilities of the mobile phone, the owner got a panic attack. Was the explaining text written to the picture on the left 🤔. Interesting ... how close we are to monkeys.

The team workshop finished today and the outcome was worth the preparation effort from my perspective. A good balance of business topics covered and insights into the individuals of the team. Everybody was involved and motivated to get heard. I did thank all for sometimes leaving their comfort zone, what is the prerequisite for personal growth. My audience did like the mixture as well and gave me a really good feedback 👍.

Now I am on holiday until next week Tuesday, great to take a short brake.

“Stepping outside your comfort zone is supposed to feel uncomfortable because we’re in new and unfamiliar territory. Being uncomfortable is a sign of success, NOT of failure! So if we are uncomfortably outside our comfort zones, then than means we are growing!!! And THAT is cause for celebration!” -- Roz Savage, taken from Comfort Zone Quotes about Success, Fear and No Limits

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