27. Feb, 2022

My week 08-2022 summary

Picture taken from 15 Things Mindful People Do Differently

More information about the Mindfulness topic in What is Mindfulness? and MINDFULNESS: WHAT IT IS AND HOW TO EXPLAIN IT TO KIDS AND ADULTS.

A week full of ups and downs is over. Nothing can definitely beat Putin and his Ukraine invasion. A new area in Europe and the World did start on 24-Feb-22, and what seemed to be impossible one week ago is now the new normal 🤔. Germany had the first time ever a Parliament session on Sunday and decided to send weapons to the Ukraine now. The government opinion was differently some days ago.

My personal down was a 2-rating for my Team workshop. On a scale from 1 (a total waste of time) to 5 (really great stuff), there was one 2 and I do not know who and why. Asking is not an option as the voting was anonymous. But the good thing was 8 times a 5, what is not really common in Germany, as we do not give the top rating very often, because there is still some room for improvement left 😎. As mentioned earlier, we are a very diverse team from 10 different countries, maybe it was not the German community 🙃?

More ups have been a new weekly reader record of 9,830 this time, getting closer to 10k 👍. A total of 4.1/5 possible points for the workshop and today more than 11k steps on my tracker. Great weather during the day and the ballroom dancing in the evening. And two more days holiday on Monday and Tuesday 👍.

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