28. Feb, 2022

Connecting the dots ...

Solidarity with the Ukrainian people, picture seen on LinkedIn today.

After mentioning the - Sculpture titled ‘Love’ by Ukrainian artist, Alexandr Milov - yesterday, I did remember that I used the picture some time ago in my Blog. See The inner child and The child that lives within you from 2 years ago.

Another interesting connection is Rethinking Humanity - a Film by RethinkX that I did find today. The video was posted 04-Nov-21 on Youtube and has surprisingly a lot of parallelisms with the current Russia - Ukraine situation. -- "Humanity is on the brink of existential transformation, but we’re blind to the deeper processes of change. To recognize the mind-blowing possibility space of the next decade, as well as its catastrophic risks, we must grasp the patterns of history to understand how they can illuminate today." -- For more details also check the RethinkX Humanity Report.

On page 58 - Figure 13. Surfing the Tsunami: Factors Driving Societal Breakthrough or Collapse - is a very good explanation of the current situation in Russia. There are Factors Driving Breakthrough or Collapse. Russia seems to dream of or enforce the Breakthrough path with the Ukraine invasion, but might risk a Collapse as well, when it will not be going as expected or planned - a power play on the backs of the innocent and helpless? 👎

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