6. Mar, 2022

The week 09-2022 highlights ...

Picture taken in THE FRAGILE PARADISE exhibition. Thanks a lot to Doug Gimesy for his great photography

A busy week with only three working days is gone. A lot is happening besides the still unbelievable invasion in the Ukraine. See my comment on the picture today.

Next week I will be hosting another Unique Selling Point (USP) workshop. Will bring me to over 200 participants in total for this workshop, when I look at the invitation list. This time the workshop will be for the company internal Talent Program. Fun fact: Most of them are working in marketing or sales 🤔. Might be an advantage for the USP of a product, but we will be covering them as an individual. Selling a product or yourself is a huge difference, what I can tell from experience so far.

On Tuesday and Wednesday my company will be celebrating the International Women's Day with several events and presentations. Last year we had Tijen Onaran as a guest speaker, this year it will be Caroline Criado Perez. Looking forward to it. See also How to Celebrate Women’s History Month in March 2022.

“Some of us are becoming the men we wanted to marry.” -- Gloria Steinem, taken from 62 Great International Women’s Day Quotes for 2022

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