7. Mar, 2022

Germany equal pay day 2022

Sketchnote based on a SkillsYouNeed article, could not find the origin of the picture.

"Today marks Equal Pay Day in Germany. But what exactly is Equal Pay Day? According to the Federal Statistical Office of Germany, in 2020, women were paid 18% less than men on average. The 18% is the “gender pay gap,” meaning the median difference between the remuneration that men and women receive for equivalent work. Assuming men and women were paid the same hourly wage and converting the 18% into days, women would work for free for 66 days of the year. March 7, 2022, is therefore recognized as a symbolic day to raise awareness for the gender pay gap."

The key words are - remuneration that men and women receive for equivalent work - some more statistical data and another article.

Equal pay day today and International Women's Day tomorrow, maybe not a coincidence?

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