9. Mar, 2022


#BreakTheBias was the main theme of #internationalwomensday2022 yesterday. The picture is a perfect fit - Empowering women and girls in STEM can help solve world’s biggest challenges

In the end it is all about leaving the Comfort Zone!!

This will be one of the key topics in my workshop for the company Talent Program tomorrow afternoon. And it does not only work for individuals, you can also apply it to countries. Germany is a really good example in the moment and I will use two examples during the workshop. One will be the German Army, the other one Energy usage.

  • Out of history Germany had no army and than a purely defense army after World War II. In the last 10 - 20 years investments had been reduced a lot and an economical strong country did fully rely on the NATO. During several Foreign Operations we had issues to have enough military equipment and just lately no warm jackets, when troups had been send to Eastern Europe to support the NATO after the Ukraine invasion by Russia. THEN last weekend our government decided to invest 100 billion EURO into the army, to get back up to speed and take the necessary position in the International politics, being able to defend the own country. A really fast way from the Comfort via the Fear to the Learning Zone.
  • Same happened with the German dependency from Russian gas. Cheap gas from Russia, two dedicated pipelines, close relationship much more economical than political, also created in the last 20 years. Now after the Russian invasion Nord Stream II, the second pipeline near to official opening, was 1st stopped and canceled in the meantime. Now Germany is looking for alternative ways to get energy before the next Winter is starting. Again leaving the current Comfort to the Fear Zone. Fear this time means stopping to use any Russian gas, with the risk to see much higher cost for energy and that people are sitting at home in cold rooms without gas. We have to go through the Fear zone to Learn something out of the past and Grow into a better, self-managed future with respect to energy usage and provisioning.

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