10. Mar, 2022

The courage to change ...

Picture provided by PassItOn.com 

I heard the Reinhold Niebuhr quote in a film yesterday and it is a perfect fit to the current situation and the workshop I hosted for the Talent program today. 

There was not enough courage in Turkey today - No Progress in Russian, Ukrainian Foreign Ministers Meeting in Turkey - more rounds and meetings to go.

As mentioned yesterday I did use the two examples for Leaving the Comfort Zone during the workshop today. Well understood by everybody that the courage to change is a real enabler to grow. Was a good session with really valuable feedback at the end for future sessions. In the full agile mindset - regular inspect & adapt - to further improve content and presentation over time. Next workshop for the Talent program will be "Elevator Pitch" end of Apr-22. 

To close the day I listened into an interesting webinar about - The Five Paradoxes of a Meaningful Life - with Michael Bungay Stanier. An interesting guy with interesting content and ideas, some might know is famous book The Coaching Habit? Some references he made:

  • The Advice Trap and Staying Curious Just a Little Longer (Podcast)
  • Algorithms to Live By (Book)
  • How to Begin his new book

Michael did a quick brain dump in 60 minutes, but it will need much more time to understand and make personal sense out of it.

  • Circle of Influence and Concern
  • When and How to Decline Virtual Meetings
  • Everything is designed for this man, even drugs - video related to my 12-Oct-21 post
  • Teaming is hard because you’re probably not really on a team
  • Lessons in simplicity strategy