13. Mar, 2022

My week 10-2022 summary

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Just close to #833,333 overall readers on the Blog counter 👍, we are on a really good track to the upcoming next milestone at #888,888. Might take another 7 - 8 weeks based on the current weekly average of readers? So we can still reach 900k by end of Apr-22, what would be short of 100k to my stretch goal from last year - reach 1,000k overall readers by 30-Apr-22 - but I do not have a negative mindset, all fine - I'm curious about what will happen 🤩. Next Friday 18-Mar-22 ist the 1st anniversary of reaching #500k overall readers, what a great achievement after one year now, thanks a lot guys it is really a pleasure writing for you and me as well 😎.  

Being a little bit older and having some more experience than other people can definitely help to overcome a negative mindset. "I have seen it, I have been there, ..." There is always an opportunity to learn something new out of it, do not waste a good crisis 🤔.

I had three coaching opportunities in the past week:

  1. My USP workshop for the Talent program. I did coach the participants and wanted to support them to learn something about themselves. Just offering some ideas and a helping hand, how to dig deeper into their personality. Asking questions and introducing communication frameworks that people are not aware of anymore.
  2. Then the session with Michael Bungay Stanier (MBS) on Thursday that I covered in some more details on Friday already. A great way to present and cool story telling, a lot of fun to listen to him and learn something in parallel.
  3. Friday noon I did spend 45 minutes with another coach, offering a great "new" model during a webinar. I do not mention the name, as my summary and feedback might not be too positive. I am not complaining about technical issues that you might not even be responsible for, or just fully recovering from a COVID-19 infection some days ago. But when you do not have your coaching tool box under control, your content is not new, the voice is a little bit annoying and the content is more meaningless than helpful, then I have an issue and need to take back the responsibility of my time. I did not finish the webinar 🤔, but you can also learn from the mistakes of other people 👍.

"The measure of who we are is how we react to something that doesn't go our way." -- Gregg Popovich, since yesterday Gregg Popovich stands alone -- now has more regular-season wins than any head coach in NBA history as Spurs secure comeback win

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