18. Mar, 2022

A leadership journey ...

Picture provided by Thorsten Kammer

Interesting picture that I did find today and Thorsten is offering a lot of more material. This one is a little bit reminding me of the Comfort Zone picture. The more you come to the right, the better or more advanced it gets.

Arnold Schwarzenegger from the post yesterday is definitely in the "Not about me anymore" sphere. A long way did come to a successful end.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy the former actor and now Ukraine president is in the "About my team & stakeholders" sphere I would say, but he is growing even further during the current escalation. Not really skilled hackers tried to work against his development and planned to influence the situation with their deep fake video lately. Hopefully future attempts will not be getting better?

Today ist the 1st anniversary of my BLOG passing the #500k overall reader milestone for the first time back in 2021. And as a really nice gift the weekly reader number did reach a new HIGH, the record is now at 9,837. Getting closer to 10k weekly readers 👍🤩.

“Love yourself enough to create an environment in your life that is conducive to the nourishment of your personal growth. Allow yourself to let go of the people, thoughts, and situations that poison your well-being. Cultivate a vibrant surrounding and commit yourself to making choices that will help you release the greatest expression of your unique beauty and purpose.” -- Steve Maraboli, taken from 35 Inspirational Quotes On Growth

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P.S.: Happy Holi Festival 2022 today, to all friends, colleagues and readers in India