22. Mar, 2022

We learn 80% of what we experience ...

Picture content by Dr. William Glasser

What is the main issue between line management and the teams in an agile world? Line management is at maximum 30% of the learning curve versus the teams at 80% with their daily experience. This was my nice assumption, reality could be worse?

Then assume a discussion about the currently used Agile Framework by the line management, as they are not happy with the performance of the teams - too slow and not enough business value created. When you ask the teams, you will get a completely different feedback. Great planning experience, much better delivery, all better than in Waterfall projects and even improving over time - inspect & adapt.

A resistance to personal change drives the discussion about the Agile Framework with no alternatives proposed. All frameworks have their pros and cons, you just need to smartly adapt it to your needs. Or go mainstream and select, what is already used in other projects or departments as the standard solution.

Jurgen Appelo did a detailed investigation of a lot of well known Agile models and frameworks versus his new unFIX model proposal. A great read, have a look.

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