27. Mar, 2022

My week 12-2022 summary

Picture taken out of the Michael Bungay Stanier (MBS) book - How to Begin

I started to read the book yesterday that did arrive last Friday. So far easy to understand, good content and a lot of exercises included, to have a real hands-on experience 👍.

On the picture you see a Venn Diagram - "A Venn diagram is a visual brainstorming tool used to compare and contrast two (sometimes three) different things. Comparing is looking at traits that things have in common, while contrasting is looking at how they differ from each other."

Some helpful Venn Diagram links below (there are many more available):

There are many interesting leadership/teaching/coaching models and frameworks using a Venn Diagram, IKIGAI that I mentioned on Friday is just one example. One of my ideas is to come up with an own Venn Diagram that I can potentially use in my future workshops, still thinking about it 🤔.

One success of the last week was a new 5-week average of weekly readers 👍👍, the new record is 8,030 - thanks a lot for your ongoing support, very motivating 🤩.

"There's this famous observation that I totally believe: Great startup ideas are the ones that lie in the intersection of the Venn diagram of 'is a good idea' and 'looks like a bad idea.' So you want most people to think it's a bad idea and thus not compete with you until you get giant. But for it to secretly be good." -- Sam Altman taken from Quotes about Venn Diagram

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