28. Mar, 2022

This is not a BANKSY ...

The - Picture of Putin popping Ukraine balloon isn’t a Banksy - but a great picture anyway. For more about BANKSY, see this page.

Due to the current Ukraine situation a lot of people have to shift their paradigms and adjust their language. Like during the last two COVID-19 years - for longtime well known practices and ways of living - dramatic changes happened basically over night, just one example is permanent homeoffice. Same is happening with the Ukraine situation now for Germany. The pure defense army has to be ready and prepared for any kind of situation in the future and the energy (gas and oil) dependency from Russia has to be reduced as much as possible in the shortest feasible time. 

You just need the right trigger and nearly no reasonable alternative, to make a disruptive change. We will see, what is next 🤔.

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I do not really like MIRO or MURAL, might be an age issue 😎, so I was looking for a smart alternative that provides, what is needed, is self-explaining and easy to use 👍.

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“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” -- Albert Einstein