31. Mar, 2022

Working = Learning ...

Picture provided by Jeff Kortenbosch

3 Interns finished their Internship today. I did visit the Campus to take care of logistics, to collect some feedback and to say goodbye. As you always meet twice, I am already looking forward to the next time. Two will go back to the University to write their Master Thesis, the other one did finish the Bachelor Studies and will start tomorrow in a Consulting company as Trainee.

6 month learning and getting up to speed as Junior Consultant. I am not really a fan of consulting companies, but it is a good starting point for students who just finished their studies. You get insights to a diverse toolbox of frameworks and ways of working and have the opportunity to see a lot of different companies and industries. And after COVID-19 even the requested 4 days per week traveling is gone for them, all happening out of the home office now. Learning by doing and on the job, if you do not really have an idea where to start, not a bad choice.

And in the time of the "War for Talents" consulting companies seem to make more things right than other companies, as their environment is really attractive for new starters 🤔.

The feedback of the Interns was really positive, even with 100% home office they did feel connected to the work and their team. A WIN-WIN situation for all involved parties. We as company get an outside perspective and a fresh wind of ideas, the Interns can use their learned subjects in practice and get an insight how a large Enterprise is working Agile. Always good to do a reality check on both sides 👍. 

A new Intern will start tiomorrow and some others are already in the interview pipeline. We really try to streamline the process as much as possible and keep the candidates informed about their progress during the application. Really a lot of fun and a satisfying job for me to work with these young talents.

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