4. Apr, 2022

Role models starting early ...

Picture taken from ‘Sesame Street’ Welcomes New Muppet With Disability

"Ameera, the latest Muppet character, a born leader, is 8 years old and loves science and basketball. When she's not dreaming up experiments or shooting hoops, she loves cracking jokes and making her friends laugh. Ameera also happens to use a wheelchair or forearm crutches because of a spinal cord injury. That small detail is meant to acknowledge the estimated 12 million people with disabilities around the world who have been forcibly displaced."

She could be a great role model in a lot of different areas and a variety of topics. Hopefully this will be working out? I do not see a real issue with kids as they have a very sensitive antenna for any kind of differences, it might be more difficult for the parents? Time will tell.

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